Mathematics Four Figure Table PDF

Are you a student, teacher or a regular person who often finds yourself in a place where you have to solve mathematical problems without a calculator, computers or modern day calculation tools? Then this post will provide you with details about a four-figure mathematical table, with its benefits, limitations and the table in PDF format.

Mathematical Four Figure Table

Mathematical four-figure tables are a type of Mathematics reference table that contain values of various mathematical functions that are rounded to 4 decimal places. 

They used to be an essential tool for mathematicians, engineers, & scientists, calculators and computers have now replaced them in modern days. They are not completely replaced, because they can still be useful for understanding the basics of Mathematical functions & for checking accuracy of calculations.

Types of Mathematical Four Figure Tables

There are several types of four-figure tables, such as:

The Trigonometric Four-Figure Tables

These types of tables contain values of the sine, cosine, cotangent, tangent, secant, & cosecant for different angles in the table .

The Logarithmic Four-Figure Tables

These types of tables come with values of the logarithm of a number to a certain base, which are either 10 or e.

The Exponential Four-Figure Tables

These types of tables contain values of e raised to a certain power.

The Squares & Square Roots Four-Figure Tables

These types of tables contain values of the square & square root of a number.

Other Types of Four-Figure Tables

Aside from the four (4) types of tables listed above, there are also other types of tables of mathematical functions, which include  the Bessel functions table, the factorials, table & error functions table.

Mathematical Four Figure Table PDF Download 

The here is four-figure table in PDF format to view and download here on our website as seen below below:

Mathematics Four Figure Table PDF

Or you can download the PDF file here

Mathematics Four Figure Table PDF

Here is also a link to Download complete four figure table PDF free download

Uses of Mathematics Four Figure

Despite modern calculators and facilities have been introduced to replace the four-figure table, it still several uses even up-to-date, this uses includes:

  1. Historical Uses
  2. Modern-day Uses (niche uses)

1. Historical Uses

Here explanation about their historical uses:

Understanding Historical Calculations:

It’s still used by scientist papers or engineers scientists who still use olden days paper documents, they still rely on the four-figure tables as their use is crucial in interpreting results.

Appreciating the evolution of Computational Tools:

Studying four-figure tables highlights the ingenuity & effort which is required for calculations before modern technologies came into existence.

Modern-day Niche Uses:

Here explanation about their modern-day uses:

Educational Tool

The four-figure table can be useful for students to help visualize basic mathematical functions such as  trigonometry or logarithms before they dive  into calculators.

Emergency Backup

The four-figure can be used in places where calculators or computers are unavailable (camping trips or power outages), the tables can be useful in providing rough estimates for necessary calculations.

Simple Calculations

The four-figure can be used for  calculations where high precision isn’t critical, the tables can offer quick & straightforward solutions without relying on calculators or computers.

Developing Problem-solving Skills

Using the four-figure table manually can enhance mental mathematical skills & understanding of mathematical relationships.

Benefits of Using Four Figure Tables in Mathematical Calculations

Here are benefits of using the mathematical four figure table:

It reinforce mathematical conceptsUsing manually interpolating values from the tables strengthens understanding of logarithmic & trigonometric functions, roots, squares, & reciprocals.
It develops estimation skillsOne of the benefits of using the mathematical four figure table is that it encourages estimations thus, the user needs to locate values within a range, thereby promoting a clear understanding of approximate results.
It Introduces a hands-on learning experience to usersUsing the table provides a tactile & interactive way to engage with mathematical concepts, it is potentially appealing to an entirely different learning style.
Helps in a place where there is  limited access to technology (niche situations)It works great especially in areas with little or restricted access to electronic devices, the tables can serve as a possible alternative for specific calculations.
Battery backup (niche situations)In situations where battery life is important, tables provide a non-electronic approach to calculations.
Helps in developing mental math skillsUsing four-figure tables can help in improving mental calculation abilities by reinforcing familiar values & relationships.

Limitations of Mathematical Four Figure Tables

Here are set of limitations of using the mathematical four-figure table 

Limited Precision

The four-decimal-place accuracy restricts accuracy to their use in situations where high precision is required.


Using the table for calculations can be much slower as compared to using calculators or computers.

Limited Functionality

The functions available in four-figure tables are significantly small when compared to modern computational tools.


Here are frequently asked questions and answers about the Mathematics four figure table PDF:

Who Can Use the Four Figure Table?

The four-figure table can be used by various individuals such as WAEC students, NECO students, JAMB students and other high school students who need it to understand some basic mathematical calculations.

How Much is Four Figure Table in Nigeria?

The four figure mathematical table price in Nigeria is around 500 – 700 Naira. But you can download it here on our website for free and print it from a cafe or business center at the rate of 50 – 100 naira.

Is the Four Figure Mathematical Table Still Allowed in Higher Institutions?

Yes, till date, the mathematical four figure table is still allowed in some higher institutions in Nigeria. Although it depends on the course of study you are using it for. Some institutions only allow calculators so as to avoid exam mal-practice.


In conclusion, despite the four-figure table being an older way of calculation, it is still relevant in the modern-day learning field. It still keeps the brain refreshed from simple calculations where calculators are not necessarily required to execute. 

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